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We've made some changes to our site.

I know, I should have updated this several years ago.

As many of my clients and friends know, I was the sole caregiver to my mother who passed away last year from Alzheimer's. The three years before she passed were quite difficult for us and I went back to my studio to work on creating fine art images and animations to keep myself busy and pay the bills. Anyway, due to Covid-19, all of my client work and events were canceled. Most have not been rescheduled.

In 2020, I  married and relocated  and I am looking forward to broadening the scope of what I create. The nature in my area is beautiful and ever-changing! I will be incorporating these new amazing elements into composites, montages and abstracts for fine art prints and the animations for NFTs.

My new projects have been quite rewarding and I'm finally starting my next photo book. Thank you to my clients and art patrons who have supported my photography since 1978. May we continue the visual journey together!


Linda Matlow, Pix International LLC

June 7 2021





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