We are not licensing any of our rights managed entertainment images at this time.We're working on our Limited Edition photo books as well as returning to publishing one shot print magazines and focusing on fine art gallery Limited and open edition prints.All of our photos will remain exclusive to us as of November 2015.


We no longer have the lindamatlow.com site operational porting all photos to this site.


Our previous info that was here:


License fees for photos on both of our sites are from ONE DAY up to ONE YEAR for all licenses. Our image license fees start at $300 for small use images in print,online or television(non-news) broadcast that we would deem common.

All online uses must be pre-authorized in writing prior to any publication.If an mage is used online without a specific written license,,we reserve the right to charge 3x the original license fee.



Our fee is $800 and up for rare,historical(meaning any image on our sites that is 5 years old and up) ,subjects that have died or images exclusive to us.The license fee of $800 is from 1 day to 1 year for print editorial use   or online.Covers,full page are based on the publications ad rate. We do not offer microstock,bulk, subscription licenses or discounts.Licenses for fine art prints  are upper bracket starting at $2500.00 for personal use.Our fine art prints may not be reproduced,posted or shared online.


All uses are charged from one day up to one year AND per link/URL. If an image is used twice,then you will be billed for two uses. If you use social media SHARE buttons you will be charged $100 per SHARE button that you add.




Our images are not model released and may not be used for promotion,merchandise or advertising.However,if you are the subject of the photo or management our license fees start at $2500.00 and up for promo use for up to one year.Please contact us with your specific uses.

If photo credits are omitted or the metadata from our images removed a fee of 3x the license fee will be added into the invoice.

We reserve the right to decline issuing a license for certain images due to subject matter or type of publication.

We do not license to blogs or most internet sites.Known print titles and television shows (not news) is our preference.


*Copyright infringement issues go to our attorney and with damages could run as high as $150,000 for willful infringement.*


**You will need to apply for a viewing password to view or search images on this site.Passwords change weekly**
Accredited publications can apply at: editorial@pixintl.com**

Pix International,LLC ("PixIntl") archives on this site,founded by columnist and award winning photographer Linda Matlow in 1978 up to the present consist of more than 1.3 million images Linda Matlow has captured.

Many of our Images are not available for advertising,promotional,merchandise or commercial use as we do not have model releases or license agreements with the subjects in the photos. We do not license to blogs and only certain types of websites.That is one reason why we do not have automatic download buttons or a pricing calculator on our site. All of our licensed images will have restrictions,mandatory photo credit and time limits attached. Our event photos may not be altered unless you have hired us to cover the event for you. We reserve the right to reject licensing to outlets
that do not fit with our business model or do not make  payment agreements with us prior to use.


Our blog is at: http://pix724.com


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Linda Matlow's Favorite Photographs2 from events I photographed.All photos © Linda Matlow

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Linda Matlow's Favorite Photographs2 from events I photographed.All photos © Linda Matlow


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