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Pix International,LLC ("PixIntl") is an independent boutique photo archive specializing in covering events and entertainment. The archives,founded by photographer Linda Matlow in 1978 up to the present and consist of more than 100,000+ edited images of bands, celebrities, politicians,events and VIPs Linda Matlow has covered.

Images are available for "rights managed" editorial license to accredited publications and media outlets around the world. They are not available for advertising,promotional,merchandise or commercial use as we do not have model releases or license agreements with the subjects in the photos. We do not license to blogs and only certain types of websites. All of our licensed images will have restrictions,mandatory photo credit and time limits attached.

We do not offer subscription sales ,microstock or bulk licensing.

Rights managed photos are billed for a fee,starting at $300 depending on photo,size used and other factors and will be charged for each year(or one day up to one year increments) for each URL and website. Historical images(exclusives and more than 5 years old,fees will start at $830.00 from one day up to one year for editorial use. Any further use and you must pay the license fees again.

To search or view our watermarked preview images,you will need to be a legitimate publication and contact us for a viewing password.Your searches will come up empty without one and you will not be able to view any of our images.

All photos within this site are from events, studio photo sessions,location sessions and promotional events we are invited to cover. Event photographers ARE NOT paparazzi!

Our commercial clients that have hired us thru the years for their photography services have included: Walt Disney(more than 10 years), The Starlight Foundation,Sony Pictures, Picture House Films, The Boston Globe,Warner Brothers, Cartier, Hermes, United Airlines,Hotel Sofitel, American Express, Miramax Films, Coca Cola, Veuve Clicquot, Macy's, Motorola, Bon Appetit,Victoria's Secret,Macy's,The Chicago Sun-Times and hundreds of other companies around the world.

For further info and our stock photo lists:

You can contact us at: lmatlow@yahoo.com or pixintl at pixintl.com
legal issues: legal@pixintl.com
or call: 773-975-0158
our main web site is at:
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Info on use and payment is as follows:
Paypal is the only method of payment that we accept.
Digital downloads must be paid before we will email you the image or make it available by link or FTP.
No refunds or exchanges! We do not accept cash or checks.

On work for hire: All photo jobs must be paid prior or day of the event.No exceptions.

** All Images are registered with the US Copyright Office and may not be copied or distributed without written permission from Pix International LLC. Our collection agents and law firms follow thru with all of our images that have been used without a valid license from us.

We do not license these images for advertising,but minimum is $6000-$150,000 if you have used any of our images for commercial purposes which would be copyright infringement.Same terms,per link,per image as well as from 1 day to one year.

**If you've used our image without our permission(infringed),the MINIMUM for one non advertising photo is $1200.00 from 1 day to 1 year and UP depending on size and use. you will also be charged 'for settlement purposes only' up to 10x the amount. This is called a retroactive license fee.You can not come back and pay the regular license fee on an infringement! Should you refuse to pay,our lawyers can seek up to $150,000 per infringement as all of our images are registered with the US Copyright office.**

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Linda Matlow's Favorite Photographs2 from events I photographed.All photos © Linda Matlow

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Linda Matlow's Favorite Photographs2 from events I photographed.All photos © Linda Matlow


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