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We are not licensing any of our entertainment images at this time.We're working on our next two books as well as returning to publishing print magazines and focusing on fine art gallery prints.All of our photos will remain exclusive to us until further notice.

The lindamatlow.com is our general stock site and is a completely different photo agency with different license terms and images.



**You will need to apply for a viewing password to view or search images on this site.Passwords change weekly**
Accredited publications can apply at: editorial@pixintl.com**

Pix International,LLC ("PixIntl") is an independent boutique media outlet specializing in covering news,events and entertainment in the metro Chicago area. The archives on this site,founded by columnist and photographer Linda Matlow in 1978 up to the present consist of more than 1.3 million images Linda Matlow has captured.

Images are available for "rights managed" editorial license to accredited publications and media outlets around the world. They are not available for advertising,promotional,merchandise or commercial use as we do not have model releases or license agreements with the subjects in the photos. We do not license to blogs and only certain types of websites. All of our licensed images will have restrictions,mandatory photo credit and time limits attached. Our news and event photos may not be altered.

Our blog is at: http://pix724.com


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